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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 10, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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acres, and tonight we're learning just how bad the a really is. wildfire on mount diablo has already burned almost 4,000 acres and tonight we're learning just how bad the air really is. >> the fire started yesterday afternoon on morgan territory road southeast of mount diablo state park. linda yee is live tonight. >> so far we know the fire has burned more than 3700 acres. we have live pictures from chopper 5 right now right over the fire. we do know there have been a few flare-ups tonight. it's only 20% contained and the 100 homes that are still being threatened from the original evacuation orders, that remains in place. meantime, the smoke from this fire has been drifting southeast
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of mount diablo right over where we're standing, in fact, and it's forced people to stay indoors and in some cases schools have canceled all outdoor activities. >> reporter: a smoky brown haze settled over parts of contra costa and alameda counties. some said it was enough to drive them indoors. >> you can notice it in black hawk, the smoke coming over and we started smelling it so we all went back inside. >> reporter: the air quality district issued a smoke advisory. the pollution levels, considered moderate. for the dublin school district it was enough to cancel pe and lunch outdoors. >> personally i have asthma see it was getting to me a little bit. but as the day was progressing it faded. >> reporter: the high school's running team jogged inside the gym and the football team practiced indoor. >> we did mental stuff we knew to prepare for. hopefully tomorrow we can play football. >> did the smoke or haze affect
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you? >> no, just kind of smelt it through the day, that earthy kind of chalky smell. >> despite those flare-ups, officials tell me the flames have not advanced since 3:00 this afternoon and that is hopeful news. live at the base camp in dublin, linda yee, kpix 5. >> cal fire brought out the big gun right over the fire, a dc10 sweeping low several times to drop that retardant. paul, what's the weather looking like tonight for the firefighters? >> well, the weather is going to improve a little bit. we're not going to get the rainfall that we really need but we'll see higher humidity and the wind is not that big of an issue. it is if you're in the trivalley or dublin or san ramon. that's where the smoke is continuing to blow because winds are pushing everything to the southeast. we'll stay dry but temperatures dropping. that's the key because look where we were today. low relative humidity because we were so hot.
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walnut creek, antioch, all 100 degrees. low cloud cover spilling all the way from the golden gate. temperatures drop which means the relative humidity will be rising. full forecast in a few minutes. last time there was a big wildfire on mount diablo was 36 years ago and that one burned 6,000 acres. >> tonight dozens of people made it clear they don't want the u.s. to bomb syria. this protest was held outside minority leader nancy pelosi's office in san francisco. >> is there anything at this point that his government could do or offer that would stop an attack? >> sure. he could turn over every single of his chemical weapons in the next week. turn it over. >> reporter: and then to
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everyone's surprise, syria said, okay, it will. after that president obama told cbs evening news anchor scott pelley -- >> it is a potentially positive development. i don't think we would have gotten to the point where they even put something out there publically had it not been -- and if it doesn't continue to be a credible military threat from the united states. >> reporter: syrian president bashar assad told cbs this morning cohost charlie rose if the u.s. attacks, there could be retaliation. >> you have different parties, different factions. >> reporter: president obama says he doesn't take that as a credible threat because syria simply doesn't have the capacity to carry out a significant attack. >> some of his allies like iron and hezbollah do have the capacity to advance in asymmetrical strikes against us.
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they would not try to escalate a war with us. >> president obama will address the nation tomorrow evening at 6:00 to lay out his case for military action. you can watch it right here on kpix 5. for now the public is not with him. according to this new cbs news new york times poll, 61% of americans oppose military strikes. in the news room, christin ayers, kpix 5. we're 31 days away from what could be another b.a.r.t. strike. but tonight a little good news and i stress a little. no one wants to see scenes like this again. b.a.r.t. workers on the ticket lines. commuters waiting in long lines for shuttles. today b.a.r.t. and the unions began talking about the little stuff. but the major topics, the pay, pensions, healthcare, won't be discussed until next week. b.a.r.t. weekers say they will strike again october 11th if there is not a deal. three years ago tonight the pipeline exploded in san bruno.
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today we learned that san bruno homeowners who sued pg&e will split a $500 million settlement. also today the state announced pg&e will not face criminal charges, but the feds could still take action. thousands of bay area workers could soon be out of a job. it's not because of their performance or because the company is going bust. instead, it's to keep you safe. what? sharon chin explains . >> reporter: jerry wrestles with how he'd provide for his wife and five children if he loses his job at the refinery. >> it's nerve-wracking what's going to happen next. >> reporter: following last week's fire at richmond, there was a measure to increase safety by adding qualifications for contracted workers even though the contract workers weren't to blame for the fire. the bill says 60% of outside contract
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workers hired in california oil refineries must be certified by the year 2016 by a state-approved apprenticeship program like this one. but the united steel workers union cried foul. the leaders say it's risky to place experienced workers like jerry. >> you have someone who worked maybe on a highway one day and in a factory the next. >> reporter: robbie hunter heads the state building and construction trades council of california which supports hancock's bill. he says it would keep refineries from hiring non-california workers for cheap. he showed us pictures of out of state cars parked in the bay area refinery. >> this is really about construction workers and the standards and wages in
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california being undermined by out of state workers. >> reporter: he says under hancock's bill current contract employees do have an option. they can apply to be trained. that's no guarantee for jerry. >> they passed it 45:22. it's expected to go in front of the full senate by the end of the week. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> according to the secretary of state's office, the building trades made nearly $2 million in political contributions in the past two years. that is 115 times more than the steel workers contributed. by now you may have heard there is a plan in the works to name the western span of the bay bridge after billy brown. tonight we're one step closer to that. a senate committee has okayed the name. now the full senate will vote on it in the next day or two. do you remember these commercials? >> ♪ if you need a better
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car, go see cal ♪ >> you've got to be at least my age. cal worthing continue who owned a who -- cal worthington passed away yesterday. in the ads he was usually joined by his dog, spot. but spot was never a dog. at times he was a chimpanzee or a bear. he had a lot of fun. cal worthington was 92 years old. coming up, george zimmerman's wife called 911 saying her husband is threatening to shoot her. why don't police arrest him? >> she was fired for having the wrong look. how a scarf is coming back to haunt abercrombie. >> there's one,,,,,,,,,,
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than expected. a live view from chopper five... the burned more than tonight cal fire says the big wildfire in mount diablo could be contained earlier than expected. a live view from chopper 5 right now. the fire has burned more than 3700 acres and tonight it's only 20% contained. people in as many as 100 homes around the outskirts of clayton remain evacuated tonight. george zimmerman found himself in the back of a police car today. his estranged wife called 911 on him. cbs reporter mark strasman has the recordering. -- the recording.
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>> he's threatening all of us with his firearm and he's going to shoot us. >> reporter: shellie zimmerman filed for divorce last week. she and her parents declined to press charges after monday's confrontation. george zimmerman was not arrested. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: last july he was acquitted in front of second degree murder for shooting trayvon martin. zimmerman thought the unarmed teenager looked suspicious and they got in to a deadly fight. zimmerman is entitled to carry a firearm again. in july he had a gun in his truck when texas police pulled him over for speeding. >> late monday afternoon, lake mary's police chief said shellie
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zimmerman had changed her story and now claims she never saw a gun during the confrontation. nobody is pressing any charges. >> police briefly detained zimmerman for questioning. authorities say this was a domestic dispute that they're still investigating. abercrombie and fitch may only care about the cool kids, but today a judge said the company still has to follow the law. kiet do talked to the woman who was fired for not having the right look. >> reporter: hani kahn got the news in an e-mail from one of her attorneys. >> i didn't get the complete gist until i got another e-mail all capitalized saying woohoo, we won. i got really excited after that. >> reporter: we first met hani back in 2010. she was 19 years old and didn't want her face showed. she had just been fired from her job at the hollister
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store in the mall for wearing a head scarf. abercrombie and fitch said it violated their so-called look policy. hani filed a complaint, which sued abercrombie for religious discrimination. after three and a half years of legal wrangling, a federal judge ruled abercrombie was wrong. >> we're hopeful this will be a turning point for them and for others. >> reporter: the attorney said haun kahn --said kahn had worked at the store for months before. >> time and again having the quotes find that head scarfs should be accommodated in the workplace should send a clear message to employers including abercrombie and fitch that this will not be tolerated and people will challenge it. >> reporter: it will later be decided what changes they'll
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have to make to the policy. hani says it was never about the money. >> what happened to me wasn't fair, wasn't right and i don't want another girl or anyone else to face discrimination for the things they believe in. >> reporter: as hani's attorneys all along, no one should have to choose between a paycheck and a head scarf. >> abercrombie sent us an e-mail saying it doesn't comment on pending litigation but the company said it does not discriminate based on religion and grants religious accommodations, when, quote, reasonable. get this, the owners of a 99 cents store are buying luxury retailer niemann marcus. the los angeles private equity firm partnered with canada's largest pension fund to buy niemann's. the company bought the 99 cent store for $20 billion in 2011. apple is wildly expected to
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unveil two new iphones, the 5s and a cheaper plastic version unofficially dubbed the 5c. the low cost model is expected to come in a rainbow of colors. all the rumors will be confirmed or not confirmed at 10 a.m. tomorrow. >> how about the lime green? >> but pink is your signature color. >> everybody has pink. >> that's so 2012. >> now purple would be good. >> ken can wear many colors, can't you? okay, weather time. we've got a change coming in. we're going to see a little more blue and less red when it comes to color. live outside tonight, low cloud cover currently. looking live to oakland toward the airport, bay bridge in the background, look at all the cloud and fog. this will be pushing well inland, dropping the temperatures from 100 degrees back down to normal. good thing for the firefighting
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efforts out in mount diablo. concord dropping to 64. san jose, your low tomorrow morning 62 degrees. city, sunrise 6:48 tomorrow morning. we'll take you close to the fire lines. clayton, beautiful community but under the gun right now, at least part of clayton because of the fire. sunny, warm tomorrow. not as hot but upper 80s. we continue to cool down. you'll be in the mid 80s in clayton on wednesday. high pressure is now off to our west. that is good news if you don't like the heat because where it is right now, we're getting the clocks with flow around it and getting a light to moderate onshore flow. we'll cool down everywhere tomorrow, just not at the coast. also inland. low pressure develops to our south. later in the week that will enhance the onshore flow. bottom line, the heat wave where we didn't get the ocean influence is done. we'll with not see day number five. the hottest weather is behind us. we'll have the 80s and we'll also have widespread fog in the city and near the
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bay. you'll get the afternoon sunshine but temperatures back down to normal. san jose, average 83. mountain view, 83. san mateo, 78. cupertino, 81. walnut creek, concord, upper 80s. livermore 90 tomorrow. 68 for the city. still pretty warm away from the water. lake port, 97 degrees. your extended forecast , once we get normal we're going to stay normal right through the weekend very comfortable. the hot stuff is gone. 80s away from the water. 70s near the bay. back to average and i think it's a good thing when we have a big fire like we have. >> you can actually feel the humidity going up when we were out there. >> and we could use t,,,,,,,,,,,
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awesome match today. >> it was and turned out to be quite a robbery between these two guys. nadal was bounced in the first round at wimbledon but his day in new york was much longer than in london. asking charlie rose what syrian food tastes like. he sees top seed novak djokovic in the finals tonight. after winning a hard fought third set he breezes through the fourth.
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djokovic hits in to the net on championship points. nadal wins his 13th career major, now just one behind pete sampras or second all time. as are off tonight. they open up a series in minneapolis tomorrow against the twins. rangers helped pad the as' lead in the west. yu darvish gave up the team's only run on an rbi double by pedro alvarez. they clinch their first winning season since 1992. the as have a two-game lead over the rangers in the american league west. texas and tampa currently hold the two wildcard spots. giants and rocks. brandon belt all shook up from san francisco. an rbi double. in the 10th , angel pagan with a rope to the wall. giants win 3-2 on a walk-off. it's bittersweet because they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs tonight. clay matthews admitted this
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late hit yesterday on colin kaepernick was stupid. today jim harbaugh took more of an issue of the fight that ensued between matthews and staley. >> if you're going to go to the face, come with some knuckles, not an open slap. that young man works very hard on being a tough guy. he'll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap. >> never get tired of that stuff. talk about being slapped, the 49ers sent a sixth round pick to the ravens for anquan bolden. >> paying him a lot of money but definitely think he's worth every penny. [ laughter ] >> the chip kelly era is off to a great start for the eagles. ran 253 yards rushing on the redskins. lesean mccoy had 184. they win 33 -27. chargers up a touchdown
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against the texans in the 4th. brian cushing, the diving interception for a touchdown off phillip rivers. houston scored 24 straight points to stun san diego. remember juan uribe, former giant? he had two home runs tonight, only had two all of last year. the oracle sailor topped in the bay just before the race with the emirates team new zealand which they would lose. new zealand wins 3 to oracle's minus-1. can i get that clip one more time, dr. evil and jim harbaugh? >> definitely think he's worth every penny. [ laughter ] >> [ evil laughter ] >> harbaugh knows he got a steal of a deal with that w oh wow. you look incredible! right?! is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent.
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children and the elderly because they're more likely to get sick from the new strain. all nasal spray flu vaccines in the u.s. this year will contain the four strains but only healthy people ages 2 to 49 can get it. and it's not recommended for pregnant women. experts say people should not wait to be vaccinated because they're hoping to find the newer vaccine. >> it's important to go ahead and get immunized with whatever vaccine you can get. >> reporter: emma's mom also got the flu shot today. her sister virginia will get hers at her checkup next week. >> we're always looking to keep everyone happy and healthy. >> reporter: this mom hopes the new vaccines will keep the whole family safe from the flu this winter. >> the american academy of pediatrics rec,,,,,,,,,,,,
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